Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snowmen - NOT so Helpful at Christmas-time

On the 20th of December, I realized that Christmas is actually coming...and I'm not ready! I also realized that I am not the first (or only) person to have a Dec. 20th, Christmas panic attack, so I told myself to just settle down. After all, Olaf has eyes now,

and overall, once he's had his coffee,

he can be a rather helpful fellow. Here he is, working on a pair of socks that I must have put down for a moment. 

I think I put them down to rescue my coffee from the snowman, but you know...he's helpful like that. And here he is, "guarding" my candy jar at the office. Wait a many of those did you eat, Olaf? Trying to maintain your snow-manly figure, I suppose...but that jar was full the last time I looked. 

Oh, and last week, I caught him using a "pick-up" line on know, to keep her out of my hair while I was knitting...that's his story anyway.

I know that he is trying to be helpful, but can I just tell you how glad I was to finally have him wrapped up and in the box, ready to be delivered to Peanut (with some other things, too, of course)?

Even with Olaf out of my way, my knitting place is looking a little lonely lately...well, except for Black Cat!

I'm still busy (just like you are, I'm sure), putting the finishing touches on the buying and the wrapping and the cooking that brings the joy of Christmas day. I am not ready, but that's ok. My family understands, and so do I (finally, after 4-and-a-half decades), that Christmas brings joy, and stress, and there will be plenty of leisurely knitting time in 2015. So these are my holiday wishes for you:

May your cookie jar never be empty
(even if you have to fill it with jelly beans).
May your heart always be full
(love is a choice, choose well).
May your mind be still enough
(to get some solid sleep at the end of each day).
May your fingers fly
(through the ribbons and wrapping, without paper cuts).
May you find joy in the holiday preparations and celebrations.
May you find peace and healing for your souls, so that you might enjoy family and friends at Christmas-time, and throughout the new year.

Thanks for taking a break to stop by the blog today!
Knit (and love and share joy) in Good Health, friends!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Catching Up...

Wow, December is a busy month! I always forget about today's post will not involve so much of the candy making

or cookie baking of the last few days...

Rather, let's talk about my granddaughter and her November visit! Won't that be fun? Of course it will! (Not that the cats would necessarily agree...but this is not a blog about the cats. Well, it is a little bit about the cats...and dogs!)

This is the first visit that the cats did not totally freak out about. In fact, White Cat hardly even noticed that we had company!

There were a few moments where she even took advantage of a dog a cage...seriously. So weird.

Of course, none of our four-legged friends were very happy about all the fact, they all started to look a bit annoyed. (You'll notice that Puggle Jumper isn't even in the pictures...she just walked away every time the camera came out. lol!) 

Peanut was never annoyed, though. She is practicing to be a super-model! Here she is, modeling the mittens (with open fingers inside the flap)...

And here, she shows you the snowman we made, even though there wasn't any snow (Gramma's gotta improvise sometimes!)

Even when she isn't posing, she is ready for the camera. Here she is, oblivious to me (and most of her admirers), captivated by her daddy's juggling...

And here she is, stuffing her face like the big people at the Thanksgiving table...

So good to have them all around that table!

She just cannot take a bad photo...even when it's a selfie! 

(Gramma should take some lessons!)

We had so much fun during their visit, I can barely wait until I see them again! She can't wait either, and she sent me a photo in her new sweater and her jingle socks!

I am one lucky Gramma! 

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Now that we are all caught up here, I hope you will continue to Knit in Good Health, throughout the holiday season!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas, Knitting, Parties and Myths

"We hold these truths to be self-evident" is a phrase from the Declaration of Independence. It does not apply to old wives' tales, rude assumptions, or silly myths...especially when it comes to knitters. For instance, here are just a few that I've heard time and again...

"You can pick your friends, and you can pick your teeth,* but you can't pick your friends' teeth!"
Well, that one might be true, and self-evident...but at this year's CKW Knitters' Christmas Party, I learned that you CAN shame your friend into picking her own teeth. Especially if you can't hear what she is saying while that spinach (or parsley, or meat, or whatever) is screaming at you from alongside her canines. (By the way, I did get it...but it took some doing.)

"Only grandmas like to knit."
That one is most decidedly UNTRUE! I mean, sure...I am a grandma (and I love this part of my life), but knitters are also moms and students, teachers and lawyers, scientists and nurses, and so much more!

"If you want to learn to knit, you should start with a scarf and some scratchy wool."
To this, I answer, "Why?" I mean, if you want to knit a scarf with scratchy wool, then start with a scarf! But what if you want to knit a blanket (or a snowman) with economy acrylic? 

Or socks, with a soft, wool/nylon blend and tiny stitches? 

Why can't you start with socks? I did!

"Hot chocolate is a beverage for children."
Yeah? Not if there's a bottle of Hennessy in the picture... 

But look how happy it made these knitters. 

(Disclaimer: I don't know if that's really the cocoa...but they sure are having a good time...!)

"Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth."
Yeah? Whatever. I really don't think so. 

"I've taken all the calories out of this before I put it on the counter!"
This. This is a blatant lie. I know this, but I do appreciate the intent of the untruth. 

And I did indulge in all the yumminess at the party! Mmmmm!

"Knitting is boring."
Seriously? These are not the feet of boring people!

And boring people do not stay out until 8 o'clock at the party when they have to work the next day...riiiight?!? Right!

"Christmas shopping is a chore, and it's so difficult to find/make fun little gifties for my friends."
All I can do, as I gaze in wonder once again at this pile of goodies, is suggest that perhaps you should find better friends. I love to make stocking stuffers for my friends! These little gifts are always among the highlights of my Christmas season!

I wish you could have joined us at the CKW Knitters' Christmas Party! If you're local, you should think about joining us to knit on Thursday nights (here's a LINK to our Ravelry group). If not, I hope you find your group soon, so you can stop believing everything you hear on the Internet. Or from Old Wives! (wink!) 

Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas Season to you, and may all your knitting and crafting be done in time for gifting (if that's how you roll)! Mine is almost there...

Knit in Good Health!

*I know, I know. That should be nose...but there was something in my teeth, and my hostess could not see past it, so it is what it is.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's the little things...

It's the little things that make life worth living, and sometimes it's the little things that make the yarn worth knitting! You know, little things like socks for Peanut, now finished!

Little things like butterflies, finally made up into a mobile for the baby's room!

Little things, like flap mittens, with open fingers, for little hands!

Little things, like snowman noses (and an Olaf, almost finished)!

Little things, like tiny sweater ornaments for the tree...

...times 14...

...or 15 (here's one more!) because that's how Pretty rolls!

Don't get me wrong, there have been big doin's at the Pretty house, too...among them, a Peanut visit, and a Knitter's Party! But there are only so many hours in my blogging day. For now, I will find my joy in these little things, and those other things will have their blog day when Pretty finds some more computer time. :)  

Are you remembering to breathe, and finding some joy in this holiday season? I hope so! 

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remember the Pocket Bugs?

A few weeks ago, I knitted some bugs. No. Really. I knitted bugs. I started with Lucille. Lucille is a Pocket Bug, and she is cute as a...well, she's as cute as a bug! Here she is, with the love of her life, Larry:

Stop me if you've heard this, nevermind. Even though I've talked about the pocket bugs on Facebook and on Ravelry, I really need to blog it, too! Now, if you know my knitting habits, it will not surprise you to learn that I knitted about a dozen pocket bugs total. As I knitted more and more bugs, I kept wondering what to do with all of them...

Then I had an idea. Pretty had a wonderful, silly idea! First, I sent Lucille to Peanut, with a little note:

"My name is Lucille. I am a pocket bug. I have pretty wings, but I do not fly. I like to ride in your pocket. If I can ride in your pocket, I will be a happy pocket bug! May I ride in your pocket? Love, Lucille, the pocket bug"

When I was sure that Lucille had arrived safely, I put the rest of the bugs into a box with little strips of paper that said things like, “Where is Lucille?” “I can’t find Lucille…” “Have you seen Lucille?”

When that second package arrived, Peanut called me, very excited! She said, “Dey all say, ‘Where’s Lucille? Where’s Lucille? Where’s Lucille?’, and I can’t find Lucille!” We spent time talking about what Lucille looks like, and she found Lucille, yay! The she wanted to know why they were all looking for Lucille. 

"Well," I answered, "Larry loves Lucille, and he can't live without her. So he got all the pocket bugs together to look for her!"

“What does Larry look like?,” she asked. 

“He’s the one with the yellow head,” said the quick thinking Gramma, and thankfully there IS a pocket bug with a yellow head, because she quickly answered, 
“Oh, I see Larry!” She then proceeded to ask me what all their names are…lol! I may or may not have consulted a baby name website (or 3) to come up with 10 more “L” names…OMGosh! So very fun! 

Now, every time I call her, I ask about the pocket bugs, and where they have traveled with her, riding in her pocket. She usually says, "Well, Gramma, this clothes don't have any pockets!" So, you know what I did, don't you? Of course I did. I knitted a pocket purse, just the right size for a couple of pocket bugs to ride along on Peanut's adventures! 

I can't wait to ask her again about the pocket bugs!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!